Knowledge and the Love of Mankind

Originally published in Leipzig in 1775, Johann Lavater’s essays promoted physiognomy as “the science or knowledge of the correspondence between the external and internal man, the visible superficies and the invisible contents.” The drawings in this series are recreations of illustrations commissioned by Lavater to document figurative lines and curves and aid the reader in learning to decipher individuals’ character and intelligence through facial features. Individual drawings (2010) are 50x 70 cm (approximately 19.7 x 27.6 inches), and also exist as screen prints in an edition of 10 (2012). Additional photographs from the exhibitions Surveil (2010),  A Map is Not the Territory (2012), and the Bennington College Faculty Show (2013) are available on Flickr, and the transcript of a conversation about this work with Martin McCormack and Jessamyn Fiore is available as a PDF.